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0000022FFDLBugpublic2017-03-30 23:09
ReportermacdjordAssigned ToRaimond 
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PlatformFirefox 51.0.1OSWindowsOS Version10
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Summary0000022: Webversion Download Confirmation is Ambiguous When Downloading Multiple Stories
DescriptionWhen you submit a story for downloading using the web interface, a green box appears confirming the request has been received. However, this message never goes away, and contains no specific information about the story requested. Therefore, if you submit another story, there is absolutely no visible sign that the submission succeeded.
Steps To Reproduce* Go to
* Enter a story URL and a kindle email address
* Press "Download Story"
* A green box appears reading "Storydownload submitted"
* Enter a different story URL
* Press "Download Story"
* The green box does not change in any way - you can't tell if it worked or if you missed clicking the button at all
Additional InformationPossible fixes:
* Make the green box go away automatically after a few seconds
* Make subsequent green boxes stack (add a button so they can be closed manually so they don't take over the screen)
* Make the green box name which story has successfully been submitted
* If a box is already there, remove it and create the new one with a visible spawn animation


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