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0000033FFDLFeature Requestpublic2017-11-15 09:40
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Product Version0.8.16 
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Summary0000033: Making folders for the story and allowing it to have multiple chapters that can be read like it is from a site.
DescriptionA few years back I used another program called Graffer and it would download the story, in .html format, into multiple chapters into it's own folder. Included was an index you could access which listed the Chapters, and the story summary with a word count. It also allowed the user to read the story like they would on ff,net chapter by chapter just by hitting next or back. It would be nice to see this feature included in future versions. It makes a story easier to read when it broken down into chapters, especially stories with several hundred thousand or a million words. I know this version has an option to break a story down into chapter but not to be able to flip back and forth between them easily.
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