Released 2020-12-20
0000061: [Bug] FFDL is not working od (Raimond)
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Released 2019-03-13
0000046: [Bug], empty chapters (Raimond)
0000048: [Bug] Partial download only for some old stories on (Raimond)
0000050: [Bug] no category (Raimond)
0000051: [Feature Request] MediaMiner: StoryStatus is not shown in output (Raimond)
0000052: [Bug] MediaMiner: WordCount not showing up anymore (Raimond)
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Released 2018-07-28
0000043: [Bug] Kein Download von AO3 möglich (Raimond)
0000044: [Bug] Msvcr90.dll error (Raimond)
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Released 2018-07-22
0000041: [Bug] AO3 Downloading Chapter headings only (Raimond)
0000003: [Feature Request] Add Page: (Raimond)
0000029: [Bug] Can't download Restricted stories from AO3 (Raimond)
0000011: [Feature Request] Add website name to filename pattern (Raimond)
0000030: [Bug] AO3 Downloading Chapter headings only (Raimond)
0000042: [Bug] Starslibrary not working (Raimond)
0000038: [Feature Request] Update Version Checker (Raimond)
0000039: [General] Update to QT 5.10.1 (Raimond)
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Released 2017-08-01
0000025: [Bug] AO3 missing category, genre, rating (Raimond)
0000026: [Bug] AO3 missing details (Raimond)
0000027: [Bug] AO3 First chapter missing (Raimond)
0000023: [Bug] AO3 Downloads missing Author Information (Raimond)
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Released 2017-01-08
0000006: [Bug] ReadFromFile output is a strange folder with different files (Raimond)
0000007: [Bug] MediaMiner links not downloadable (Raimond)
0000009: [Feature Request] AO3 requires login for some stories (Raimond)
0000014: [General] Twcslibrary moved (Raimond)
0000005: [Bug] Several AO3 bugs (Raimond)
0000004: [General] Update to QT 5.7 (Raimond)
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